About Offshore Oil Scouts Association


The association provides accurate and timely drilling information for Member companies active in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico Region. We capture well information such as current well depth, mudweights, current activity and casing information and compile the data into a weekly drilling report so that member companies can achieve success with their drilling efforts safely and prudently.


Weekly Drilling Reports
The most accurate, timely drilling information available including well status, current depth, mudweight, current activity and casing information

Exploration plans
Approved plans each week with additional information not tracked by BOEMRE.

Deepwater Rig Report
Detailed information on rig location and rig contracting

Historical Well File
Updated weekly, providing weekly drilling information on over 50,000 wells

Broadcast: Broadcast lease sale over internet free of charge
Lease sale statistical reports: Provide a detailed statistical summary of each lease sale


The Offshore Oil Scouts Association was organized in January 1955 by six major operators for the purpose of sharing information pertaining to the drilling of offshore wells. Within three years the organization had grown three fold.

In the early seventy's the Offshore Oil Scouts began producing computerized weekly drilling information as well as lease sales and lease history, and in June 1982, by utilizing scouts' information (tickets), set in motion the project of building our first Historical Well File.

With continued effort and support of our active members, the Offshore Oil Scouts Association will strive to enhance the methods and quality of our information while maintaining the high standards which have been set over the years.

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