How To Join

Companies must meet certain requirements before joining Offshore Oil Scouts Association. These requirements include are but not limited to:

  • The prospective member must be actively engaged in exploration for and/or production of oil and/or gas in the area covered by Offshore Oil Scouts Association i.e., leaseholder or operator
  • The Prospective member must be approved by a majority of the current active members
  • The prospective member must agree to abide by the current bylaws of the organization
Companies that are interested in joining Offshore Oil Scouts Association should contact Bryon Frank at (281) 728-9589 for more information.

Benefits of OOSA

Membership in Offshore Oil Scouts Association provides many benefits to member companies. Not only do member companies get access to the most accurate and timely information available, active member companies may purchase access to our historical drilling file which contains detailed well information on over 50,000 wells drilled in the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic region. A majority of the wells drilled in the region are drilled by member companies. Therefore, membership provides newer, smaller companies access to information which rivals that of the major drillers.

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